System approvals

Cannabis processing systems approved:

OEMModel NumberSolvent(s)Link/Notes
5th Dimension710.005Butane Only
ABC1D1 BoothsModular & ConnexButane/Propane,
Across InternationalR10, R20, R50, and R100 Series Glass ReactorsEthanol, Pentane, Hexane, Heptane, Isopropyl
Alcohol/Acetone, and Methanol
Across InternationalSR100, SR200, & SR300 Stainless Steel ReactorsAcetone, Ethanol, Heptane, Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methanol, or
Advanced Extraction LabsMEGA & CUBES SeriesN/
Advanced Extraction SystemsA50-45 2 x 25LCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Anion USAMinifectaButane or
Anion USATrifecta Extraction PlatformButane or
Apeks Supercritical1500-1LCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Apeks Supercritical1500-xLCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Apeks Supercritical2000-xLCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Apeks Supercritical2000-XL (Manual)Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Apeks Supercritical2000-xLXxLDUCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Apeks Supercritical5000-xLCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Apeks Supercritical5000-xLXxLCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Apeks SupercriticalHC-20LButane or
Apeks Supercriticali2000-xLDCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Applied Chemistry, LLCAC6RButane or Propane
Applied Separations, Inc.CRE 2x5Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Applied Separations, Inc.CRE 2x15Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Arometrix, IncExtraction Finder (SKU# BUN-XF-34-C1D1)Butane, Ethanol, Heptane, Hexane, Isopropanol, Methanol, Pentane, Propane, and
BHOGart Extractors5lb ExtractorButane or
BHOGart ExtractorsCES ExtractorButane or
BHOGart ExtractorsSE ExtractorButane or
BVV (formerly Best Value Vacs)10lb ActiveButane or
BVV (formerly Best Value Vacs)
Cannalab Innovations Inc810-P, 1010-P, & 2210-PN/
Capna SystemsARES (Falling Film Evaporator)
Caviar GoldCGEA-01Butane
Cedarstone Industry, LLCSpinMatic 150L and
Chemtech Services50L
Colorado Extraction
Colorado Extractions Inc.071-KJButane or Propane
Critical Solutions, LLC1x20L 2000PSI SFECarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Critical Solutions, LLCCS20-G2Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Critical Solutions, LLCCS40-G2Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Delta 9 DesignB1000Butane Only
Delta Separations, LLCCUP
Delta Separations, LLCCUP
Delta Separations, LLCFalling Film
Delta-9 Technologies, LLCBravoButane or Propane​
Delta-9 Technologies, LLCMK-710Butane or Propane​
Ecosce, IncMK1XEthanol or Heptane or
Eden Labs5000 PSI 2X 5L SystemCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Eden LabsDistiller (25 Gal; 100 Gal)
Eden LabsHi-Flow System 5L 2000 PSICarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Eden LabsHi-Flow System 5L-5000 PSICarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Eden LabsHi-Flow System 20L 2000 PSICarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Eden LabsHi-Flow System 20L-5000 PSICarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Eden Labs20L2K-CoSolventCarbon Dioxide (CO2) w/ Propane
Eden LabsVegas 1Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Edipure EPMMEA-HCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Elf, LLCHolos-20Butane Only
Emotek LabsObeButane
ExtractionTek Stainless400L
ExtractionTek StainlessAES (252 Gallon)
ExtractionTek StainlessBD-25 and
ExtractionTek StainlessCEP
ExtractionTek StainlessCorken T91Butane or
ExtractionTek StainlessDM-FA6Butane or
ExtractionTek StainlessETS-SS Series (Booth)Butane/Propane or
ExtractionTek StainlessLHBES 1300/CButane or
ExtractionTek StainlessMeP-HCU/CButane or
ExtractionTek StainlessmMePButane or
ExtractionTek StainlessSRSEthanol and
Fiberlab Technologies, LLCCannabinatorHeptane and
Flexmod SolutionsBIP-1010N/
Flexmod SolutionsBIP-1020N/
Flexmod SolutionsBIP-1030N/
Flexmod SolutionsBIP-1040N/
Flexmod SolutionsFL820CBN/
Flexmod SolutionsFL820CO2N/
Flexmod SolutionsFL820WTN/
Flexmod SolutionsFL840CBN/
Flexmod SolutionsFL840CO2N/
Flexmod SolutionsFL840WTN/
Flexmod SolutionsFL1220CBN/
Flexmod SolutionsFL1220CO2N/
Flexmod SolutionsFL1220WTN/
Flexmod SolutionsFL1240CBN/
Flexmod SolutionsFL1240CO2N/
Flexmod SolutionsFL1240WTN/
Flexmod SolutionsFlexLab C1D1 Split TunnelN/
Flexmod SolutionsFlexLab CID1 WindtunnelN/
Flexmod SolutionsFlexLab CO2N/
Green Mill Supercritical IncSFE ProCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
HAL ExtractionClassic Series (U)N/
HAL ExtractionCritical Flow Series (C)N/
HAL ExtractionHood Series (H)N/A
HAL ExtractionM Series (M)N/A
HAL ExtractionProduction Series (P)N/A
HEINKEL Process Technology GmbHV630 TX (CX-70)
Hightech Extracts, LLCSepareCo SCFN-P5Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Hightech Extracts, LLCSepareCo SCFN-P10Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Hightech Extracts, LLCSepareCo SCFN-P20Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Illuminated Extractors, LTDBehemothButane or
Illuminated Extractors, LTDBehemoth ProjackButane or
Illuminated Extractors, LTDEK4 Turbo Projack 2C-GButane or
Illuminated Extractors, LTDEssential-4000Butane or
Integrated ExtractionIE 100Butane or
Integrated ExtractionIE 100Butane or
Isolate Extraction SystemsISO-CD2500Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Isolate Extraction SystemsISO-CD5000Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Isolate Extraction SystemsISO-CD5000hCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Isolate Extraction SystemsISO-CD10000Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Isolate Extraction SystemsISO-CD10000hCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Isolate Extraction SystemsISO-CDM5Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Isolate Extraction SystemsISO-CDM10Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Isolate Extraction SystemsISO-CDM20Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Isolate Extraction SystemsISO-CDM50Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Isolate Extraction SystemsLP250Butane or
Isolate Extraction SystemsLP1000Butane or
Luna TechnologiesKJ-02Butane or
MACH TechnologiesCES-300 &
MC MachineryIncredible ExtractorButane or
MedXtractorMedXtractor 16 – CertifiedCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Newport Scientific, Inc.46-19365-XCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Oak and CraneSRS
OCO LabsSuperCCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Original Extracts09152017OE1Butane or Propane
PIC Solution IncSFE PICLAB 400Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
PIC Solution IncSFE PICLAB 1000Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
PodTronixGP-B, HZ-B, HZ-P, MZ-PButane/Propane, Ethanol, Heptane, Hexane, Pentane, or
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Precision Extraction SolutionsASE-100Ethanol, Heptane, and
Precision Extraction SolutionsC40Ethanol or
Precision Extraction SolutionsC40EEthanol or
Precision Extraction SolutionsCRCButane & Propane or Acetone, Ethanol, Heptane, Hexane, or
Precision Extraction SolutionsPX1Butane or Propane
Precision Extraction SolutionsPX40Butane or
Precision Extraction SolutionsV2016 PX1Butane or
Precision Extraction SolutionsV2017 PX1Butane or
Precision Extraction SolutionsV2017 PX40Butane or
Precision Extraction SolutionsV2017 PXPButane or
Precision Extraction SolutionsX10Butane or Propane or
Precision Extraction SolutionsX40Butane or Propane or
Precision Extraction
Precision Extraction SolutionsXMUButane or
Pura Vida Concepts710Butane Only
Pure Extracts IncPE120Butane Only
Pure Extracts IncPE120.2Butane Only
Pure Extracts Inc.PE 120Butane
Purge LabsAtlasButane or
Purge LabsMagnanimousButane or
Purge LabsMini-MagnanimousButane or
Purge LabsSaturnButane or
Reflect Scientific (Cryometrix)L-80 Liquid
RightCoR-5LCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Senti Solutions Inc (DBA Yellowstone Extraction Co)FFE-60KWEthanol
Isopropyl Alcohol
StarStrike Stainless, LLCR5
Strainz Inc.Strainz-SCE-1100-ACarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Subzero ScientificSubzero 5LB ExtractorButane or
Summit Extraction SystemsT1-OAS Butane or
Summit Extraction SystemsT2-OASButane or
Sweet Leaf Technologies3-IN-1Butane or Propane[REVOKED]
Sweet Leaf TechnologiesElephant UnitButane or Propane[REVOKED]
Thar Process Inc.2X18LCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Thar Process Inc.2X24LCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
TruSteel, LLCDR-10Acetone, Acetonitrile, Ethanol, Heptane, Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol,
and Methanol
TruSteel, LLCInstacool 150Acetone, Acetonitrile, Ethanol, Heptane, Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol,
and Methanol
United ScienceExtrakt-110Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
United ScienceExtrakt-120 Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
United ScienceExtrakt-140Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
United ScienceExtrakt-180Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Vanguard Scientific
Vanguard Scientific SystemsMidasCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Vitalis Extraction TechnologyF45Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Vitalis Extraction TechnologyQ45Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Vitalis Extraction TechnologyQ90Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Vitalis Extraction TechnologyR200Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
WatersSFE 2X5Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
WatersSFE Bio-Botanical Extraction SystemCarbon Dioxide (CO2)
Xtraction Services20L/20L 5000PSISCCarbon Dioxide (CO2)