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Your Authority
in Every Jurisdiction

At PSI, we partner with you for every step of your buildout. Our team of inspectors and engineers will help you overcome each and every hurdle to ensure your facility is safe and passes inspection.

The PSI Compliance Road Map and Approval

Your journey to success starts with a solid plan. The PSI Compliance Roadmap provides a comprehensive analysis so you can start operating as soon as possible. We assess your facility, equipment, and procedures — and your local regulations. After you follow the step-by-step directions, we issue our Approval Document. When the inspector confirms your facility, you can start processing.

Additional Cannabis Extraction Facility Services

Process Hazard Analysis

A complete evaluation of the process equipment, ventilation design, standard operating procedures (including waste disposal), and code analysis of solvent storage and usage.

Field Verification

An on-site inspection to ensure that all extraction and processing equipment is properly installed in accordance with the equipment’s OEM Technical Report.

Dilution Analysis

An assessment of the volumetric airflow necessary to maintain flammable liquid vapors and gases below safe levels in accordance with building, fire, and mechanical codes. This report is essential for determining electrical classifications.

Technical Assistance Report

A comprehensive Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) code-compliance analysis of your facility. Review modules include everything from architectural design to flammable solvent detection and exhaust requirements.

Services available across the United States